The long term vision of ACross Country is to be a centre-based organisation that will be able to welcome both groups and individuals to stay and join in life with us.

Our preferred option is to buy a property outright rather than to lease or rent. This will allow us to adapt the buidling and grounds to our unique purpose. The ACross Country centre will be rural and homely with an emphasis on real family living and the coming together of indoor and outdoor life.

The ideal property would fairly isolated without being too bleak in the winter months. It will be close to wild, open countryside. It will also have access to woodland and water – either a river or lake.

The property will be homely, for example an old farmhouse, rather than a purpose-built activity centre.

The property will have extensive grounds for teamwork obstacles, camping out, fires, games and relaxing. It may be as few as five acres if it has good access to further outdoor space.

Ideally we are looking for a property that be able to accommodate up to 20 visitors and the staff: three families and up to five single people.