ACross Country is a charity which uses the outdoors and other activities to encourage personal, social and spiritual growth and recuperation.

We pride ourselves on working with people. Our programmes are tailored to each individual and group.

We bring the outdoors to people, and bring people to the outdoors, empowering people in many varied ways.

ACross Country is a place of adventure and stillness. A place where those who are broken can grow to wholeness, where the isolated can belong, where the lost can search for meaning, and where the questioner can explore. It challenges in order to enable growth. It accepts, and in accepting people change. Adventure challenges and excites. Silence and stillness give space for renewal and exploration. Nature inspires and grounds us.

  • A place to BE
  • A place to be heard
  • A place to feel
  • A place to examine fears
  • A place that is safe enough to allow people to explore dark recesses without judgement or fear of rejection, with loving and sensitive support
  • A place of honesty and truth
  • A place to break barriers
  • A place where conventions can be broken
  • A place to experience and in which to experience
  • A place to be you, a place to be me
  • A place to be a part of, to belong to and to contribute to
  • Where heart and a common sense of vision are more important than technical expertise, or experience